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Please submit your child(ren's) name, age, address and proof of enrollment in their sports activity via email or mail
Please try to turn in proof as soon as you register your child(ren) in order to complete the application process.


Cleats for kids | KleetzforKids

Our goal is to meet the needs of all applicants, but we do operate on a first come first serve basis. Once your submission has been verified you will receive a notice of approval containing an approved scholarship amount. If we are unable to help, you will also be notified via email or mail.

Cleats for kids | KleetzforKids


While this has no effect on the amount or if you will receive a scholarship; we are asking for your help of just $2. This small contribution helps provide one more child with the opportunity to get in the game.

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Cleats for kids | KleetzforKids

- Remember we are all a part of this global community

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Mailbox: Kleetzforkids P.O. Box 148 Sharon MA, 02067


Phone: (781) 408-2956

Cleats for kids | KleetzforKids