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KleetzforKids is a non-profit organization that services kids from ages 6-18 years old. Kleetz for Kids was founded by Teneer Brown in 2020 during the height of the pandemic.


KleetzforKids was created to fill the financial gap for children, to be able to receive footwear and other mandatory equipment so they can fully engage in and play sports with pride. After all, how can kids be expected to perform well and focus on winning the game when they do not have the appropriate sportswear to set them up for success?


While there are numerous charities working to keep kids engaged in sports programs, we saw a real need in our communities for children to receive adequate footwear for the sport they play. We noticed there were too many kids sidelined from joining the comradery that sports provided because their parents simply could not afford to support their child’s choice of sports. 


It is no secret that children playing sports can become a financial burden to the family. However, participating in sports plays a huge part in child development when it comes to learning how to coordinate with others and function as a team. In addition, studies have shown the kids who play sports tend to be more successful with academics and well adjusted for social settings. The last thing we want is for children to be held back from playing due to inadequate sportswear. 


Our volunteers, donors, and sponsors make an undeniable team dedicated to providing kids cleats and other sports footwear to ensure they can keep their feet in the game! 

 Community is our team

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