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Our Mission

Kleetz for Kids is a non-profit organization that services kids from ages 6-17 years old. Kleetz for Kids was founded by Teneer Brown in 2020 during the height of the pandemic.  

As a mom of 4, whose kids are currently heavily active in team sports, she realized that not all kids had the opportunity to play their best and keep their heads in the game, if they couldn't have the right shoes on their feet. 

Ms. Brown herself worried, like many parents and caretakers, that during the pandemic the loss of income may be too overwhelming to continue to have their children utilize sports as a much-needed outlet for their mental health and a sense of normalcy.  How could she tell her son who looked forward to playing for over a year that she just could not afford the sport programs fees on top of the gear he needed to play.

 Like many parents, Ms. Brown herself, felt the economic hardships, so when her son came home over excited about his school’s football team finally starting try outs, she being a long time youth sports parent, knew what obstacles she faced as well as other parents. She faced the hurt of budgeting for rent, paying bills and buying the simple necessities her household needed to function and possibly forcing her to say no to her son and his blossoming dreams. In the mist of this pain, Ms. Brown, realized that she never wanted any parent, especially because of financial insecurities to have to choose between their basic needs for survival and their kids love for sports. 

In order to take the fear of uncertainty out of sports for kids and parents alike Kleetz for Kids was founded. 

Kleetz for Kids mission is to help offset the financial burden by offering cleats new and gently used as well as scholarships to youths of all back grounds. Our sole goal is to get them in the game, and we believe that every child deserves a chance.


 Community is our team